Bread Therapy

This course may be unique! Over the course of one day you will make and bake your own bread, using techniques you can replicate at home.

Alongside the practical activity you will be introduced to the concept of stress vulnerability, the health continuum and how a hands on activity can contribute to a mindful and coping approach to life. After 28 years working in the health and social care sector and having completed a degree in Psychosocial Interventions and Practice in 2012, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. I use these principles in my everyday life and they are practical, achievable and work in practice.

Refreshments and a pizza lunch included. The course includes all materials, ingredients and recipes.

Courses can be designed to suit your group and venue. Cost on application.

Mindful Bread

I am delighted to be running this course at The School of Artisan Food. Learn and practice key techniques as well as finding out about the history of mindfulness while making a loaf of mindful bread. Beginners in both welcome. Check out The School of Artisan Food website for details.