Although there is some debate about the scientific basis for using organic ingredients, I try in general to reduce the amount of artificial chemical substances that I eat and I am adopting this principle in my bread. There is one fundamental reason for going organic, see Fungicide's below.


It is very difficult to remove all plastics from the baking process. I have kept these to a minimum and use only a few bowls and tubs, however it is a balance with safety, as no glass or ceramics are allowed in the bakery. This is to reduce the risk of foreign bodies in the bread. All plastics that are used are "food safe", i.e. low density polyethylene. I don't use any single use plastics. Bread is sold in recycled food safe paper bags.


If the wheat used is not organic then it will have been sprayed with chemical fungicides. Yeast is a type of fungus. As I use a lot of sourdough (wild yeast if you like), this would not be a good mix!