Where and when to buy

Reserve your loaves - Add your email address to my mail list by emailing me ian@kneadgoodbread.co.uk. Then when I email you on a Monday to tell you which loaves are avaialble, simply reply with your order. Alterrnatively you can check what is on offer on Facebook. I will then deliver your loaves on Thursday between 3:15pm and 6pm. Pop a bag or box out ready! You can pay online. Thats it!


Knead Good Bread has a simple but fundamental ethos. To produce handmade real bread close to where it will be consumed, without artificial additives, chemicals, or processing aids of any kind and to share the joy of real bread with training and Breaducation.

The actual ingredients, flour, water, yeast, salt and nothing else, are detailed on a separate page. The essential ingredients here are the principles and values that relate to my bread; what makes me, and therefore my bread, tick. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t actually tick, although it does sing...more of that later.

Without traveling tens or hundreds of miles to a distribution warehouse and back, local food is better for you and the planet. The use of carbon to power vehicles is generally the only way food is transported. Fewer miles = less carbon.

If food is produced and sold locally it will not need artificial additives such as preservatives. It will taste better and particularly important to me, produce direct employment for a baker!

In March 2019 I was honoured to be named as an official ambassador for The Real Bread Campaign. I hope to promote their fantastic work and help people to understand what Real Bread is and why it is a good idea!

The School where I did my training. A fantastic place and a whole range of short and long courses are available for all aspects of food.


The Real Bread campaign. This is a driving force behind the movement to promote real bread. I ascribe to its principles. I would encourage anyone to read the wealth of information on their website about the benefits of Real Bread, join the campaign (loads of benefits) and help improve the bread of the nation, one loaf at a time.