(defn: “The sharing of bread knowledge, for the benefit of all.”)

Making your own bread is:
satisfying - productive - therapeutic - mindful - healthy - tasty

If you would like to learn how and to discover its wonders, book one of my courses, the options are set out below. My courses are designed to be practical and informative and equip the home baker with the knowledge needed to make their own bread.

My aims for you on a course are to learn, practise, eat and enjoy. Please bear in mind that baking is a hands on activity that tends to involve a lot of standing. If you have any reason to think this may present you with problems, please contact me to discuss. Almost any obstacle to inclusion can be overcome.

Want to learn a specific bread?, bespoke courses available, please contact me.

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                                                          Home Courses

I can come to you! Collect up to three friends, book an evening, half day or full day with me and I will teach you a variety of breads in your own home using your oven, leaving you with all the information you need to start making bread at home. Grab a bottle or two and make it a social occasion. Costs start at £150 for approx 3.5 hours. If you are a long way from Leicestershire, we'll have to factor that in!

Bespoke courses

Are you interested in a particular form of baking or style of bread? Would you like a baking course for you, your colleagues or friends? A wide variety of options are available. Please contact me to discuss further.

How to Create A Successful Microbakery

I run this one day course periodically at The School of Artisan Food. No baking just lots of information, exercises and creativity for the planning, creation and running of a successful bakery. Check out The School of Artisan Food website for further details.